Samjho Toh Express Thru Sports – Friendship Beyond Labels/Borders

“Samjho Toh is Hindi word which means make one another understand –understand of what? Oneness, love, culture & tradition, beliefs and practices. Our Manipur is become hell because we failed to understand one another. Samjho Toh Express should reach out to every nook and corner of our state and become the harbinger of peace and harmony. I am proud to stand here as Guest of Honour on this very occasion and be part of it”.
Pu, Tonglet Chongloi, Chairman, Saikul Hill Town.
“Sports never discriminate based on colour, creed etc. Today sport being used as a tool to bring young people from diverse community and background is to be highly appreciated because it will bring better understanding of one another and pave the way for peaceful co-existence. We are all human being, the divine masterpiece, why should we discriminate because one is not speaking your dialect, not following your religion and just because he/she is not practicing your culture/tradition. We must respect others and equally love them. I wish Samjho Toh Express a grand successful journey”. Pu, Thangjakam Misao, Vice Chairman, Autonomous District Council (state cabinet rank).
“I feel elated playing side by side with friends from other communities. In our attempt to win the match we strive so much that we even forget our background (past hatred) and play together. It builds a kind of attachment that will go a long way in our life”. Mr. Paolen Lhanghal
‘This sport made me proud of myself. I broke the taboo – playing football and participating in high jump. It builds my confidence and make me believe that I can do it”. Miss Roshila Chanu
“I am Hindu
by birth and I hate people who took beef. My friendship with other religion is so deep now that I partake beef with her in their house. I no longer hate people on their eating habit. This friendship enabled me to understand other communities who followed different religion better. I even went with my friend to their church service which I find very interesting and learning”. Miss Anjali Saikhom
“This journey is really bringing down my intolerance level, I now realize the futility of hatred or communal feeling. Inter community/religion friendship is very important in bridging gap. I learned how to respect others”. Mr. Satlenkhup Kom

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