• Young people developed civic citizenship and became more responsible members of society.
  • They began to have clarity on career choice and developed their own perspective planning – road map on how to achieve their goal (aim in life)
  • Their interest in gun culture drastically spiral down and interest in pen is greatly enhance (violence to peace).
  • They learned to respect others and empathize.
  • Their leadership skills to great extent developed through the parliament and they learned the joy of taking responsibilities.
  • Interest in reading/study improved a lot.
  • Youth were facilitated for higher studies in different professional colleges.
  • The life skills & vocational training enhanced the youth self-esteemed, personality and confidence in self.
  • Sustain the schooling of children by empowering their mothers through the micro-enterprises support. With the small income mothers could pay their children school fees regularly.
  • 50 women empowered through IECS (information, education, care & support). Many women began to have a say in the family decision making. With the small sustain income their esteemed improved and they live with dignity.
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