Our Team

Seiboi Guite

BSW, Program Manager

Lydia Chong

M Sc (Anthro) Program Lead

Paokam Misao

MBA, Marketing and Strategist

Renown for his strategy in making education accessible for interior tribal villages of Manipur and promotion of entrepreneurship.

Mr. Paominthang Luheng

MSW, Co-Founder

Recipient of national best Community Development Coordinator in World Vision India for the change brought about through community collaboration.

Mr. Hejang Misao

MSW, Founder Director

Recipient of Sadguru National Award and President of India Appreciation Award for his passion, commitment and innovation on inclusive and quality education and women and girls empowerment. He was a fellow of Changeloomer, Youth Involve, Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhini (MSDS).

Experienced working with IFAD/NERCORMP project, DKA/kfb Austrian International Project, South Asian Child Care Project of Bridge of Hope.