A Bloom that brings new hope

Mrs. Hatnu Hangshing is a mother of two sons with no source of income. Her husband is a cultivator by profession. She was just a house wife. Hatnu hardly had a word in family decision making, she was just a mother. She wanted to have some financial income so that her full dependence on her husband is minimize and able to stand on her own and support for her children education.

She is a skilled in weaving. But she was helpless because she does not have means (money) to start with. It was at that point of time that InSIDE northeast in collaboration with NYK conducted two days Mushroom cultivation program at Gamdeiphai village she learnt the skills of mushroom plantation both theory and practical for which they train and capacitated and ready to fetch income to families who are living in poverty. It was the first time for her and she did not have any training on before.

Necessity enabled her to run mushroom cultivation which have a good marketability and a good source of income to the family because the blooming of mushroom has no season and can be cultivated throughout the year. Poverty compelled her to take up the job which she struggled a lot in the beginning. when she started taking up running mushroom cultivation as her main livelihood activity she had to spend Rs.10000/- for constructing mushroom cabin and for purchasing seeds.

She, in the meantime, borrows money from the money lender and started the work. She worked for two weeks without rest for which she has to pay back the money from the lender. With much effort She made 120 packets or bags of mushroom. Complete of mushroom blooming took 3 months. Once its blooming she could able to collect 5 to 8 kg. It took 15 days for the next round of blooming.

As of now she started selling the mushroom worth of Rs.100/- per kg in the market and per month she could able to earn Rs.4000/- above.

She was very grateful to InSIDE northeast and NYK for conducting the training program that enabled her to run mushroom plantation that fetch a good family income.

The income she got from mushroom plantation manages her family as well as in her children‟s education.

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