3 Idiots Who Crack Navodaya Entrance Exam

They were considered idiots because they hailed from such an economically disadvantage families and hardly have better education in good schools. They are the hope of their parents albeit their inability to give them the best schooling. They were brought up sans best schooling but with good education – education that begins from their home and InSIDE-North East. Education that taught them that if they have the will and determination heaven is the limit.

InSIDE-North East supported for Navodaya Coaching Classes and provided necessary guidance on how to crack the entrance exam. The 3 successful candidates are 1. Miss Kimcha Haolai 2. Mr. Jangginlun Misao 3. Mr. Naogin Chongloi
We are happy to say that we are successful in mainstreaming 3 young people through better education. We wish them all the best in their future endeavor.

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