Integrated Social & Institutional Development for Empowerment (InSIDE-North East) as a non-profit organization is the culmination of passionate youth’s quest for a better society; who themselves grew up in conflict environments and experiences all the hardship of life. Not only have they seen how pathetic is the life condition of people especially young people and women but they themselves faced it.

Overflow with the passion to do something to better the plight of the people they began to take up guitar and sing with the people.

Conflict and violence in North East have done lots of damages and cost many lives. It causes untold misery especially to adolescent girls and boys. The cries of mothers for their love ones, the sight of youngsters living with substance abuse and guns, the pathetic plight of women and adolescent girl were the igniting factors. The questions ‘how long should people suffer like this?’ ‘why don’t we do something to mitigate the sufferings?’ are the burning and good questions that ultimately leads to the formation of an organization called InSIDE-North East, where a group of passionate youth step out of their comfort zone and started giving their best to the society in ways of providing counseling, career guidance, coaching, talent hunt, skills training, workshops, peace concert and Youth conference. They also promoted women initiated micro-enterprises support as part of women empowerment with the conviction that if a mother is empowered the whole family is empower. Sport is also one of the strategies they used to mainstream the youngsters and as a connecting factor for peace.

With the passage of time the organization grows and began to work professionally with specific issues such as Women Empowerment, Children & Youth Development, Healh & Environment. The organization worked in an integrated manner with the above thematic areas but with one vision and mission.

One thing InSIDE-North East is proud of is the cooperation, trust and love of the community people.

InSIDE-North East wishes to see the following qualities in young people: Enhanced self-esteem, Deep self-awareness, Positive attitude & mindset, Ability to appreciate a different culture, Ability to question stereotypes, Ability to empathize, Clarity about one’s future plans and Career choices, a healthy life.

People we are working with: Children, Youth and Women

The comprehensive approaches we adopted:
• Life skills
• Civic Citizenship
• Women Empowerment
• Adolescent Health
• 5th Space

Our desire future (VISION):
InSIDE-north east wants to see a just and peaceful society by being more a platform and less an organisation through a strong network with likeminded organizations where empowered people reclaim their legitimate rights & entitlements and lead a dignified and self-reliant life free from violence.

InSIDE-north east would like to achieve its desire future by empowering the powerless, building their confidence andskills, ensuring their livelihood and helping them connect with what is beautiful in their cultural milieu.

Key thematic intervention:
Our key thematic areas of intervention:
• Education
• Gender equity – Women empowerment
• Human & institutional development
• Children & Youth development
• Health and Environment

Organizational focus

  • Youth focused
  • Youth led
  • Youth engaging
  • Women engaging

Primary approach

  • Direct work with target groups
  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy
  • Resource centre

Target Groups’ Profile: Socio-economic profile

  • Economically weak
  • Socially and educationally disadvantage groups
  • Politically at the receiving end

Impact Details –


  • 12 Young people’s parliament formed
  • 12 Book Banks/Study Center set up in 12 villages
  • 750 youth are provided life skills training – decision making, effective communication, stress management, interpersonal relationship, deep self-awareness, critical thinking, clarity on career choice etc.
  • 85 youth both male & female provided vocational skills training.
  • 50 women empowered through awareness programs and micro-enterprises support and improved their livelihood.
  • 2500 reached out on becoming a responsible members of society through music (directly & indirectly).
  • 5000 youth reached out on active political participation and come up with 12 consolidated demands (Manifesto) handed over officially to political parties.
  • 65 youth were successfully facilitated for different professional courses in different recognized universities. (engineering, nursing, management, poly Technic)


  • Young people developed civic citizenship and became more responsible members of society.
  • They began to have clarity on career choice and developed their own perspective planning – road map on how to achieve their goal (aim in life)
  • Their interest in gun culture drastically spiral down and interest in pen is greatly enhance (violence to peace).
  • They learned to respect others and empathize.
  • Their leadership skills to great extent developed through the parliament and they learned the joy of taking responsibilities.
  • Interest in reading/study improved a lot.
  • Youth were facilitated for higher studies in different professional colleges.
  • The life skills & vocational training enhanced the youth self-esteemed, personality and confidence in self.
  • Sustain the schooling of children by empowering their mothers through the micro-enterprises support. With the small income mothers could pay their children school fees regularly.
  • 50 women empowered through IECS (information, education, care & support). Many women began to have a say in the family decision making. With the small sustain income their esteemed improved and they live with dignity.

Assure My Book

An initiative to inculcate the habit of saving to young people. They will save Rs. 5 a week for their education. Organization explore all possible ways so that young people don’t burden their parents but they earned by themselves. For example making fund drive through art making, paper bags etc. which are also skill development for them.

The money will be deposited either in the post office or bank with accountability and transparency.

Scope for the organization to further engage

The susceptibility of young people returning to gun culture (violence & conflict) or becoming a liability rather than an asset if they are not successfully mainstream in sustain manner.

The vast unexplored and untapped youth resources in the state and the region.

The urgent need to bridge the gap between North East youth and youth from other parts of India – bridging cultural gap for a better and inclusive India.

Still unaddressed issues of women – rights, health & economic status.

Primary strengths and achievements:

  • Trained, committed and passionate team
  • Trust, support and cooperation of the community people
  • Networking with well-established also likeminded organisations
  • A good rapport and support of civil society

Challenges faced

  • We have the heart and the time but no financial resources to achieve our vision in sustain manner.
  • Unpredictable law & order situation of the state (AFSPA).
  • working in an environment where there is parallel government
  • Community more oriented on service delivery development approach.

One can also reach us on:

Mobile No. 9401930278/9862533511