Our Team

Mr. Paominthang Luheng

Founder Chairman

He is a man whose love for marginalised people is unmatched. He completed his Master of Social Work and devoted his life for the cause of society. He work with World Vision India and received the best Community Development Coordinator award in India. World Vision left the project but his work still remain through InSIDE-North East and continue to create impact in the lives of many. He is the founder Chairman of the organisation and continue to show his love to the people through it.

His expertise based on his long experiences in the field of development for the growth of the organisation is momentum. He is so passionate about quality education – the engine for change – for which he is given a name tag “A man of Quality Education”. He recognised the role of the student body and CSO and fully tap their resource towards it. He is now with three kids and still devoting his energy, time and ideas for people’s development.

Mr. Hejang Misao

Founder Director

Family members and society called him “a man who went mad for society”. For an answer to a quest for sustainable development he went for MSW studies at Don Bosco Institute (institute of Social Work) after a study gap of almost 11 year and came back with the passion, knowledge and skills to bring an answer to his long quest.

He is responsible for making the organisation grow into shape through his relentless efforts, experiment of knowledge and networking skills. When asked why he love development of the people so much, he said, “I was the victim of poverty, violence and conflict and I don’t want others to be victim again, I want to see people living with peace and dignity”. He strongly believe that poverty should not be the reason why people should not reach their dream. He had seen many promising young people ending up with gun in their hand just because they cannot afford to go to school/college and become a liability rather an asset. He comes up with ‘Gun to Pen’ a flagship program of the organisation that help young people access to education and Mothers to start earning through their own small business enterprises.

Hejang Misao is the recipient of Sadguru National Award an MSDS fellowship for his outstanding work in the field of social work. He was a fellow of CYC’s Change Loom Leadership Journey and at present forum member of ComMutiny – the Youth Collective, a national youth platform in India. He was also a fellow of Youth Involve – Bosco Institute Fellowship program.

Mr. Helun Misao

Program Manager

Miss Shennu Baite

Associate Coordinator

Mr. Letkhohao Touthang

Project Coordinator

Miss Chingpi Touthang

Finance Coordinator

Miss Shineo Touthang